Chicago Minority Business Development Council

As a women and minority owned and operated business we are certified with the City of Chicago, Chicago Minority Business Development Council, (CMBDC) County of Cook, installers, who are all local union members, we are able to guarantee the quality of work you will receive.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

As Illinois’ premier provider of health insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield acts as a strong pillar of our community. Their offices attract a large volume of foot traffic by staffers and customers alike. Perez Flooring helped management select the right balance of beauty and durability to ensure a highly effective workplace environment.

Warehouse Direct Workplace Solutions

Trust is the key component to Warehouse Direct Workplace Solutions marketplace success. The people who work there, and the environment in which they provide services all add up to create happy customers.


Unique design trends, from modern to chic.

Walgreens Corporate

Since 1901, Walgreens has become known as the epitome of American drugstores. They now sell vitamins, fitness, toys, groceries, personal and household products. Perez Assoc. was selected to develop the flooring for their world headquarters in Deerfield, IL. Our solution: elegant durability - for the kind of creative and disciplined environment that has led to the creation of 7,919 stores nationwide.


For more than 50 years, our Perez Flooring team has provided consumers with innovative flooring choices that balance function with beauty. We understand that people view floors with extremely long lifecycles as an important investment in their businesses.
Well-designed floors reduce maintenance, and become a sustainable part of any living or working environment.