Carpet Tiles

Your family will enjoy a soft, luxurious surface when you carpet your floors. Imagine relaxing, playing, surfing the Internet or watching TV on your living room carpet! Whether you prefer rolled carpet or carpet tiles, both are available in a limitless array of patterns, colors, textures, weaves and thicknesses. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner, or refurnishing a whole house, clean, durable carpets can be the right choice.

  • Design with style – neutral colors to offset furniture, or as a focal point with vibrant hues
  • Carpets provide thermal resistance, retaining warm air longer in cold climates like Chicago
  • Cushions toddlers in case of slips and falls
  • Absorbs TV and speaker noise, as well as everybody’s foot traffic
  • Easily replace stained or worn individual 18” squares carpet tiles with adhesive backs
  • Longlasting: periodic vacuuming and spot removal extends the life of your carpets.