About Us

All in the Family

John and Cece Perez were both born and raised in Strawn Texas households. When they married in 1943, the two began sharing their American Dream: a close-knit family and prosperous business. By 1965, their dynasty had expanded to include five children. It was time to move to Chicago’s South side – to ensure high-quality education and an improved living standard. After serving in the army, John worked in in the city’s famed Marshall Fields, selling kitchenware. Next, he moved to the warehouse, cutting carpet for hundreds of home and business owners. When the Slater Company began hiring commercial floor installers, John & Cece were on the path to owning there own company. John continued mastering skills, including hand-sewing specialty carpets – an old-school craft no longer practiced. During Cece’s tenure as president, Cece took the company to a whole new level focusing on customer service, and building up relationships.

During the next half-century, three brothers and one sister helped round out the Perez & Associates flooring business as estimators, installers and customer service representatives.

In the past 15 years, the number of women-owned businesses grew by 54%; there are now 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States. “You’ve always dreamed of busting out of the cubicle and doing your own thing.” Eugina (eldest daughter) says. These three women actually did it. Our matriarch, Cecilia, now shares her
co-owner duties with Steffany (grand daughter) and Eugina creating a 100% woman-owned company. The combination warehouse-showroom continues to operate with five full-time employees as a proud union shop.

We sell and expertly install major manufacturers’ commercial carpet brands, including Interface, Milliken, C&A (Tandus) Royalty Carpet, Mohawk, Krause, Southwind and American Carpet. Our VCT lines include Armstrong, Mannington, and Azrock. Wall Base, Johnsonite, Roppe, VPI and Flexco. For Rubber Floors, we focus on Johnsonite, Roppe and Nora, with Alloc as our best Laminate line.

Occasionally, one of our extended network of family, friends and happy customers asks for our flooring expertise in their homes. While commercial projects are our specialty, we are always happy to put solid, attractive flooring underfoot – for anyone ready to work with the Perez family. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our values and the product of an honest day’s work.